Innovative technology for testing and repairing PPD and CR systems

The main goal of the project

Strengthening the competitiveness of the company by introducing new innovative procedures and processes

Information about the recipient and partners

Name and address of the recipient:
AD control, s.r.o., Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva
Start and end date of the project implementation:
from 6/2018 to 12/2018
Project location:
Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva
Region: Banská Bystrica Region
City: Detva
Higher territorial unit: Banská Bystrica Region
Amount of investment: €268,850.00
Amount of contribution: €134,425.00
Call: OPVaI – MH/2016/3.3.1-04
Code ITMS2014+: 313031I205

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