PN Testing and Repair

Pump-nozzle injection system (PD/UIS/EUI)

Our equipment allows us to provide testing and complete repair of PN injectors of cars and trucks and machines. Testing and repair is performed according to the requirements and instructions of manufacturers (Bosch, Delphi, Siemens VDO).

The repair process of Bosch PN injectors (PD/UIS)

The test before and after the repair is performed on the Bosch EPS 815 bench with the CAMBOX head. This set allows us to precisely set the correct values of the injector, containing the important value of BIP (beginning of the injection period). The injector repair process includes the replacement of seals and spray nozzle. The remaining parts are inspected and replaced with new ones, if necessary, e.g. spring or control solenoid valve.

Bosch individual injection system pumps (PLD/UPS)

Using the CAMBOX head, we can test and repair Bosch individual injection system pumps (PLD/UPS). The repair includes replacing the seal set, cleaning and replacing other parts of the pump, if necessary, such as the solenoid valve or the high-pressure element. The final test is performed on the Bosch EPS 815 bench.

Our new equipment:

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