Terms and Conditions

1. Order and Conclusion of the Contract

All orders placed through the www.adcontrol.sk online store are binding for both Parties. The Seller is:

AD control, s.r.o. Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva Company ID: 46 301 038

By sending an order, the customer confirms that it has read these purchase and complaint terms and conditions.

The condition for the validity of the electronic order is the true and complete completion of all data and requirements required by the system during registration or ordering.

The sales contract between the Seller and the Buyer is created by sending the order by the Buyer and receiving it by the Seller.

Buyer is a natural person or legal entity who orders goods or services in the www.adcontrol.sk online store and concludes a distance contract with the Seller by means of distance communication, e.g. electronic mail, telephone, fax, catalogue, etc.

To place an order, select the goods to the shopping cart, then choose the delivery method and payment method and submit the order. After submitting the order, you will receive the order copy via e-mail with the confirmation and data related to it. If the goods cannot be delivered within 7 working days, you will be informed of this fact without undue delay.

On the day of shipment, the customer is informed via e-mail or phone. An invoice will be delivered to the customer together with the original undamaged goods.

Consumer (Customer) in this text means a natural person who purchases products or uses services for other than the business purpose, or a person who is about to purchase these products or services. Supplier (seller) means a natural person – entrepreneur or legal entity with whom, in the event of purchase (order), the Consumer will conclude a contract – “Distance Contract”. Store means e-shop operated by the Supplier and represented by the set of e-shop websites and applications on a specific web domain.

2. Terms of Delivery

The Seller undertakes to:

  • Deliver to the Buyer the type and quantity of the ordered goods for the purchase price and under the payment conditions valid as of the date of sending the order
  • Deliver the goods to the Buyer packed suitably to avoid damage during transport

The Seller is not responsible for:

  • late deliveries caused by the postal or courier service
  • late deliveries caused by incorrect address of the recipient
  • damaged deliveries caused by the postal or courier service
  • non-delivery caused by the manufacturer (supplier) as a result of any restrictions, abolishment of distribution rights or other unforeseeable obstacles.

The Buyer undertakes to:

  • accept the ordered goods, check the integrity of the packaging,
  • pay the full price for the goods and in accordance with the payment conditions valid as of the date of sending the order.

If the Buyer does not accept the goods (based on the order), the Seller reserves the right to claim compensation for damages resulting from it. If the customer does not accept the goods upon the first delivery and requests re-delivery of the goods, the customer is obliged to pay the costs of the first delivery and re-delivery of the goods.

Depending on the nature of the business (quantity, price, transport costs, distance, etc.), and especially for prices over €150, the Seller is entitled to ask the Buyer to authorize the order in a credible manner, e.g. by phone or in writing. If the Buyer refuses the authorization, the operator considers the order invalid.

3. Delivery Periods

The ordered goods are delivered as soon as possible, depending on the availability of products and the seller’s operational capabilities. The ordered goods that are out of stock are ordered from the supplier. In this case, we will notify you in advance via e-mail or phone of a change in the delivery time of your goods. The courier will deliver the order within 1-2 working days of dispatch.

4. Prices of Goods

The prices listed in our e-shop are valid at the time of ordering the goods. We reserve the right to make typographical errors and change the prices, in the event of a change in exchange rates, a significant increase in inflation or a significant change in delivery terms by manufactures and other suppliers of goods.

All prices include 20% value added tax (VAT). The price of the goods does not include postage and packaging.

The certificate of sale is an invoice that is attached to each shipment and that also serves as a delivery note.

5. Payment for Goods and Postage

The ordered goods are sent by courier service to the address specified in the order by the Buyer. In the event of cash on delivery, the Buyer pays the full price to the courier upon taking the shipment over. In the event of payment in advance, the order is shipped after crediting the payment to our bank account (e.g. by wire transfer).

Postage, including packaging and insurance, for each individual order is according to the following table:

Type of deliveryShipping price incl. VAT
Collection in person€0.00
Courier (Slovakia, cash on delivery)€6.00
Courier (Slovakia, payment in advance) €6.00
Courier (Czech Republic)€12.00
Courier (other EU countries)€18.00 *

All prices are inclusive of taxes

Courier delivery has several advantages:

  • delivery within 24 hours of dispatch (on working days)
  • delivery always directly to you – home or work
  • the possibility to track the location of your order on the Internet
  • package insurance up to EUR 2,000 included in the price
  • in case of unsuccessful first delivery, second delivery included in the price
Payment methodOrder will be processed
Cash on deliveryImmediately
Payment by bank transferOnce the payment is credited to our account (1-3 business days)
Invoice (net 30)Immediately
Online with credit card*Immediately

*Payment is securely processed with Besteron payment gateway.

Instructions for payment by bank transfer (will be included in order confirmation e-mail as well):
Bank account name: AD Control, s.r.o.
IBAN: SK03 0200 0000 0030 6222 3254
Variable symbol: your order number

6. Order Cancellation

The Buyer is entitled to cancel the order without giving any reason until the goods are despatched. Send us the order cancellation to e-mail, and we will send you the confirmation of the order cancellation immediately. We do not charge any penalties or other fees related to the order cancellation. If the cancelled order has been paid in advance, the price for the goods will be refunded to the Buyer within 15 days of withdrawal from the contract by bank transfer.

The Seller has the right to cancel the order if, due to the sell-out or unavailability of goods and even when making all reasonable efforts that can be required from him, the Seller cannot deliver the goods to the Buyer within the period specified herein or at the price specified in the online store, unless the Seller agrees on an alternative performance with the Buyer. The Buyer will be informed about the order cancellation by phone or in writing, and if the purchase price or the part thereof has been paid in advance, the funds will be returned to the Buyer within 7 days to the account designated by the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed with the Seller.

7. Return of Goods

Pursuant to Section 12 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll., the consumer has the right to return the goods purchased in our online store without giving any reason within 14 working days of receiving it. After receiving the goods, the Buyer has the right to unpack and try the goods in a similar way as when shopping in a standard store, to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The consumer is responsible for any deterioration of the goods. Therefore, trying does not mean starting to use the goods and returning it to the Seller after a few days. The provisions in this section do not explicitly apply to legal entities and to natural persons-entrepreneurs as well as natural persons-non-entrepreneurs who do not meet the definition in Act No. 108/2000 Coll. The goods must be returned to the postal address AD control, s.r.o. (Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva). Please send the goods in its original packaging, complete, unused and undamaged. For a refund, you have to send us:

  • the goods in its original packaging, undamaged
  • original invoice
  • copy of the confirmation of receiving the goods from the courier (because of the delivery date)

If the Buyer withdraws from the contract and delivers to the Seller deteriorated goods that is used, damaged or incomplete, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller the costs incurred in connection with repairing the goods and restoring it to the original condition.

Shipping costs when returning the goods are borne by the customer. We do not accept goods returned by cash on delivery. We recommend that you insure the shipped goods. The price for the goods will be refunded to the customer immediately after inspecting the returned goods within 15 days of withdrawal from the contract by bank transfer.

Pursuant to Section 12 (5) of the above act, the customer may not withdraw from the contract, the subject of which is:

  • the provision of a service, if the service started to be provided with the customer`s consent before expiration of the deadline for withdrawing from the contract,
  • the sale of the goods made according to the customer`s special requests or the goods designed especially for a single customer, or the goods that cannot be returned given its properties;

8. Warranty Conditions

The Warranty Conditions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code No. 40/1964 Coll., as amended. The warranty period is 24 months, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer for a specific product and begins on the day of receiving the goods by the Buyer. The warranty period is extended by the time the Buyer could not use the goods due to warranty repair of the goods. In the event of exchanging the goods for new one, the Buyer will receive a document on which the exchanged goods will be listed, and any further complaints are applied on the basis of the original delivery note and this complaint protocol. In the event of exchanging the goods for new one, the warranty period for new goods begins again from its receipt. The warranty expires by damaging the goods due to improper use or assembly or other non-standard handling. The warranty period for all persons using the product for business purposes is not specified by the Civil Code and shall be determined by the specific importer or manufacturer. The warranty service is provided by the Seller (AD control, s.r.o).

9. Return Policy

We recommend the Buyer to check the shipment on the spot whether it is not damaged before accepting and paying for the shipment from the post office. In the event of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformation and other extensive damage), we recommend not to accept the shipment.

In case of a complaint, the Buyer sends us the defective goods to the address of AD control, s.r.o (Bottova 1522, 962 12 Detva). The package must be properly packed and contain: the defective goods including its accessories, invoice copy, defect description, contact details of the Buyer – return address, phone number, e-mail. Send the goods either in the form of a package or by registered mail. The goods sent by cash on delivery will not be accepted. We recommend insuring the goods. The defective goods must be delivered clean and mechanically undamaged.

The return shipping after processing the justified complaint is paid by the Seller.

In the event that the defect of the product occurs during the warranty period, the customer has the right to have the defect eliminated. In the event that the defect of the goods cannot be eliminated, the supplier will replace the defective product with a new one or, upon agreement, with a product of a different type, with additional payment or refund of the price difference.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by:

  • natural or excessive mechanical wear and tear
  • contamination of the goods or parts thereof due to neglect of maintenance
  • use of the goods under conditions that do not correspond with their temperature, dustiness, humidity to chemical and mechanical impacts of environment in which it is normally used
  • external influences, e.g. fall or impact, water in electrical parts
  • interfering with the goods by an unauthorised person (unprofessional repair or modifications)
  • overvoltage, e.g. by a lightning strike, effect of a magnetic field
  • using the goods contrary to the manual
  • mechanical damage – torn, cut, thermally damaged goods, goods damaged by careless disproportionate physical handling, intentional scratching of layers of goods, etc.
  • unprofessional assembly or handling

The warranty also does not cover damages cause by natural disasters, violent damage, weather conditions or operation in extreme and unusual conditions.

All reasonably claimed warranty repairs are free of charge, including the cost of delivery of the repaired goods to the Buyer.

The Seller shall decide on the complaint immediately, in justified cases, especially if a complex technical assessment of the condition of the product or service is required, no later than within 30 days from the date of the complaint. After this period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or exchange the product for a new one.

The Seller notifies the Buyer of the handling of the complaint by phone, SMS or e-mail and sends the goods at its own expense to the Buyer’s address. The Seller shall also send a complaint protocol to the buyer together with the goods.

The warranty period for the offered goods is 24 months, unless a longer warranty period is specified for the goods, and begins on the date of receiving the goods by the customer.

By resolving the complaint, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the complaint. If the complaint was resolved by exchanging the goods for a new one within the statutory warranty period, then the warranty period will begin again from the date of resolving the complaint.

10. Personal Data Protection

The data you provide to us is stored exclusively on the adcontrol.sk server after registration or acceptance of the order and are in no way available to third parties. The following personal data is stored in our databases: For natural person – private person: name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail. For legal entity – company: company name, name of the responsible person, surname of the responsible person, address of the registered office of the company, delivery address, telephone, e-mail. All personal data you provide to us during registration or when creating an order is used exclusively for the purposes of administrative processing of your order, for the purposes of preparing and archiving tax documents and the operation of the adcontrol.sk online store.

Your personal data is stored in the adcontrol.sk databases for an indefinite period. You can request the deletion of your personal data from the database or the cancellation of registration at www.adcontrol.sk via e-mail at info@adcontrol.sk We will inform you about the deletion of your data or the cancellation of the registration via e-mail within 5 working days.

Pursuant to Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on the personal data protection, the operator of the adcontrol.sk online store undertakes not to provide the personal data provided by the Buyer in the order form to a third party in any way without the consent of the data owner. At the same time, it undertakes to delete the personal data from its database at any time at the customer’s request.

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